Our main service is built around a tool called the “Activity”.

How it works

The Activity helps freelancers manage their projects with basic interfaces and forms. The concept is simple: a virtual company is created, and the tool enables you to manage it.


Once you open an Activity, you have different ways of getting money into your budget. For instance, by filling out an online form, you can have SMart invoice a client for a project.

What it simplifies

With the money that comes in, you can pay yourself or others, while SMart takes care of all the administrative aspects that come with this. In other words, if you want to pay yourself a salary, SMart calculates and pays your social security contributions, your income tax (depending on country), and other legal obligations. If you are self-employed and get a fee for your work, the tool can handle that too, by taking care of the main administrative burdens connected to this.

A shared company

The Activity helps you produce your projects, no matter which discipline you work in. By using this tool, you’re not forced into creating a structure to set up your projects: you don’t have to deal with all the legal obligations that come with this.

The Activity is like a small business within SMart. The bookkeeping is heavily simplified, and you have access to a large number of additional services (the mutual guarantee fund, insurance, legal advice, leasing of equipment, etc.). The financial risk of your projects are shared among all the other users of the Activity, making this a shared company, or more specifically, a shared production house.


The Activity is currently offered in an increasing number of countries. Make sure to check whether there’s a SMart office near you.

Want some concrete examples? Look them up here.


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