Agora is an internet community where users and their potential clients can meet. It enables users to create a profile and develop an online portfolio of their work. Not only are clients encouraged to find the right person for the job on this site, but also artists can find like-minded members to work on a common project. In addition, job offers, ads and announcements are shared on the site, along with areas, both private and public, where users can exchange ideas.

The Agora network

  • offers listings, aimed at clients, of SMart users registered with Agora;
  • provides a platform for artists to present themselves to potential clients;
  • provides a platform for artists to find partners among other users;
  • spreads requests for proposals/ prizes / prestigious opportunities or job offers;
  • promotes events linked to creators who use SMart services such as concerts, exhibitions, etc.

The Agora is currently only Belgian.

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