Our team / Belgium

SMartBe was created in 1998 by Pierre Burnotte and Julek Jurowicz. It has grown very rapidly since it was set up and currently offers a wide range of services to freelancers.

SMartBe transformed into a Cooperative in 2017, this transformation was prepared during ‘SMart In Progress’, a collective process started in 2015 which allows the users and external stakeholders to comment on the service offer and participate in the decision making.

Public encounters, an online survey and working groups are organized and will continue to be an integral part of the organisation. The last official meeting took place on June 27th 2017, the day of the first General assembly of the Cooperative.

The International Labour Organisation reported on the day.

You can find out more at www.smartbe.be.

  • Sandrino Graceffa

    Sandrino Graceffa

    Managing Director

    Firmly rooted in the social economy from an early age, Sandrino created the first French cluster of social and solidarity-based enterprises called Initiatives & Cité.

    He stood at the onset of SMartFr’s design (2006) and creation (2010) and currently still leads the project.