Our team / Sweden

SMartSe was created thanks to a collaboration with Intercult. With its indisputable expertise in culture and art production, policy, research, business development and communication, Intercult was the perfect partner to set up a Swedish version of the concept. SMartSe started offering services during the autumn of 2012 and has been steadily expanding its range of services.

Find out more at www.smart-se.org.

  • Ida Burén

    Ida Burén

    Board member

    Ida Burén has twenty years of experience as a producer in performing arts and has a strong commitment to community engagement and culture & development. She became CEO of Intercult in 2011. Ida is active in international projects, such as Djef Djel (Swedish-Senegalese cultural exchange) which she manages, together with her husband. Ida is also on the Advisory Board of IETM and is a member of the RFoD board.

  • Jack Lundh

    Accountant, Financial processes

  • Niklas Hellberg

    Niklas Hellberg


    With his background as a stage director and artist, Niklas Hellberg uses his skills in project management to initiate dialogue between creative professionals and others. He does this with culture planning and city development, and stages different kinds of events, both artistic and educational. He has also produced documentaries and works with a directors’ collaboration group that has a number of demos you can find here.