Three key values

SMart, société mutuelle pour artistes, was set up as a non-profit organisation in 1998 in Belgium. Its founders were convinced that solutions could be designed that would allow creative professionals to work on their projects without being overwhelmed by administrative burdens and the worry of unpredictable cash-flow.

Over the years more and more people with different profiles and from a diverse range of sectors joined the organisation. Nowadays, SMart doesn’t only cater for creative professionals, but more widely for all new autonomous workers, freelancers who have various types of contracts, different incomes and who work in a wide array of economic sectors and professions.

SMart being a cooperative offers a shared structure for these independent workers, who, because of the nature of their work and the ill adapted legal schemes, find themselves in a precarious situation, often lacking sufficient social protection and a community.

Social innovation is at the heart of this initiative and its three cornerstone values.

  • Non-profit: Advocating social economy

    Our model is based on solidarity and the pooling of means, benefits and economic risks.

  • Need-based: Providing solutions that fit needs expressed

    We offer services based on needs and stay affordable.

  • Democratic: Encouraging solidarity, mobility and participation

    Our users are our stakeholders and governors. Members participate in formal decision-making at the Annual General Assembly and through informal moments of exchange such as during “SMart In Progress” in Belgium.

Many years have passed since the organisation first began with a few people working away in a cramped office. More services have been developed or are being developed and SMartBe now has close to 170 full-time employees. Today, 85.000 members in Belgium and in 8 other European countries: France, Spain, Sweden, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Hungary have used our cooperative’s services.