European Mobility Information System (EMIS)


The Mobility Information System (MIS) was an expert group conveyed by the Commission in 2011. There were two aims: to list the topics that needed to be addressed to support the mobility of artists and culture professionals, and to indicate the degree of precision that was necessary for the information to be useful. SMartBe, together with the members of the group, completed the assignment.

For more information, read  the full report of the group.

The Cultural Affairs Committee will decide whether or not the MIS will be developed across Europe and under which type of organisation.

Our point of view

In the assignment, we were not meant to discuss HOW the information in question should be provided. Would there be a European network? Would the information also consist of tailor-made advice or merely web-information? None of these questions were addressed.

We found it very difficult to address the content without speaking of the container. This is why we came up with a system (EMIS) that answers the needs of mobile artists and cultural professionals.

Our belief is that national authorities should provide relevant, reliable, validated, complete, updated and interpreted information concerning rules and regulations. We therefore strongly support the Mobility Information System initiative and hope it will go as far as providing tailor-made advice.

Our EMIS proposition

The EMIS will be a website that includes a counter and will therefore act as more than just a searchable database. In fact, a legal team will be on standby for any questions that users have difficulty answering with the information already present on the site.

In terms of structure, a diagram currently acts as the red line to the project’s development. Local authorities will feed into the structure that disseminates the information (thereby creating a public-private partnership) to either an intermediary, or directly to creative professionals and companies. An all-important aspect is of course the fact that a team will be active behind the EMIS site, thereby avoiding the creation of a static informative site with likely unintelligible information.

Read SMartEu’s European Mobility Information System proposal

Our actions

One of our objectives is to develop tools that overcome administrative obstacles to mobility. Therefore, it is only natural that wherever legal information concerning mobility is lacking, we identify the problem, analyse it and convert it into concrete processes. In fact, in order to provide adapted tools and personalised services for mobile artists and cultural professionals, validated, up-to-date and processed legal information is necessary.

Moreover, most of the topics identified in terms of mobility will be touched upon when we develop abroad. This information is needed for the development of our tools and services, allowing us to gather an already substantial amount of data.

We are currently discussing public-private partnership with certain member states.