Fill in the research survey: ‘Creativity is not an inexhaustible resource!’

Are you an artists or working in the creative field?
Does your daily work rely on creativity?
Then you are the person we are looking for!

This survey investigates the working conditions of artists and creatives across Europe. It is undertaken by SMartNL* in collaboration with Dr. Pascal Gielen of the University of Groningen and SMartBe. The research results will be used to develop solutions to enhance – and to strengthen – the very basis of the creative professions: creativity.

Through your answers we obtain direct information on what is needed to make creativity sustainable for those who use it: that is for artists and creatives. This will allow us to develop new tools for you.

Start the survey, it only takes you 15 minutes. You can participate till 13th February.

Thanks for your time and cooperation! (You will be able to leave your email address to stay informed about the results)