Seminar on Access to social protection, February 23rd, Brussels

Culture Action Europe in collaboration with SMart has created a working group that aims at raising awareness on the impact of employment evolution on the access to social protection.

In January we launched an international survey focusing on protection against health-related risks. We would now like to invite you to join us at a seminar on access to social protection for citizens with irregular work-income. The seminar will take place in the SMart premises on February 23, from 13h till 17h30.  Here is the programme.

During this working session we will have the opportunity to speak of ongoing projects as well as the aim of our survey. The aim is to bring together academics, representatives of European Institutions and field organisations’ delegates in order to share their views, expertise and outlooks on the topic of access to social protection for those who develop portfolio careers.

The overall objective is to raise awareness and create synergies among these different actors so as to tackle this crucial issue from a new perspective. A possible long-term goal would be advancing proposals to foster coordination on the issue at a European scale.

Please note there is a limited capacity, therefore, would you like to attend this event, please make reservation by sending an e-mail to advocate@cultureactioneurope.org
A wrap-up paper will be made available.