Activity management service

Our main service is a tool called Activity that helps freelancers manage their projects with simple web interfaces and forms.

How it works

An advisor is always assigned to an Activity, which means members have a personal contact with someone who knows and follows their project on a day-to-day basis.

The concept is simple: a piggybank is created (the budget), and you have ways to fill it and empty it.


For instance, a musician, who is part of a band, is asked to play a gig. A contract is drawn up to invoice the venue they are playing at. Money comes in the budget, and the venue is invoiced.

With the money in the budget, the musician can draw up contracts (depending on local rules and regulations, this can be an employment contract where we calculate all the taxes and contributions to be paid, or a self-employed fee) for all the band members.

Other types of money flows (in or out of the budget) are possible but depend on the legal regulations of each country. For instance, expenses can be submitted, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) can be invoiced and paid out, as can subsidies or grants, etc.

Facilitate activity creation

The Activity allows great freedom for workers while keeping the paperwork minimal. In many countries, such freedom of movement comes with the obligation to create your own legal structure; an often long and tedious process that comes with considerable costs.

In addition, members” salaries or fees are guaranteed, regardless of whether the client has paid the invoice thanks to the Mutual Guarantee Fund.

In time, activities will be linked internationally, making it even more simple to pay out a band member who pays social security in a different country than other members, for instance.